Case Study

U.S. Commodity Futures Trade Commission
External SharePoint Partner Portal Solution

GoTech added significant value by taking time consuming manual business processes and completely automating them. As part of an ongoing effort to maintain and modernize its IT environment the U.S. Commodity Futures Trade Commission (CFTC) decided to automate several paper based manual processes with automated software solutions.


All of these manual processes involved public commodity and future market participants filling out paper forms monthly, quarterly and annually. After the forms were filled out, a large contingent of Federal employees would manually type the information into 1 or more of the 8 different disparate data systems that CFTC utilizes. None of these systems shared data and CFTC had no way to measure performance metrics. In addition, CFTC decided to automate their whistleblower tips and complaints process. CFTC was approximately 3 months into attempting to build a proof of concept when they recognized that a transition of this size and scope, could not be completed using internal resources alone. CFTC evaluated several third-party consulting companies, before ultimately selecting GoTech Global to lead the project.


CFTC had a hard requirement to utilize SharePoint and their existing database licenses. GoTech architected a solution that utilized reusable SharePoint form webparts to collect the public form data. As some whistleblower tips and complaints and public commodity firm data involved transactions in the billions, we built a new Identity and Access Management system that had to be impenetrable. In addition, GoTech architected and built all systems to have redundancy for 24/7 uninterrupted service. GoTech worked with CFTC to design and implement Backup and Disaster Recovery framework and documentation. Finally, GoTech architected and built a backend system to pull the data from the public CFTC portal and port it to a Business Process Management (BPM) system. There the data based upon a complex business rule matrix was pushed via web services to 1 or more of the 8 different disparate line of business data systems. Prior to this enterprise solution, these 8 systems were all siloed "stove pipe" systems which contained extremely valuable data for business intelligence, but there was no way for CFTC to combine the data. Now, CFTC can combine data from any of the 8 systems to make informed strategic decisions, make insights come alive with visual impact and communicate complex ideas simply.


The CFTC Public Portal today services over 4,000 public consumers that need to interact with the CFTC. More information and a list of automated forms can be read at:

GoTech added significant value at CFTC by:

  • Fully automating tedious time and resource consuming mission critical business processes.
  • Architecting an all-encompassing technology solution to solve their business requirements while saving money by utilizing their existing software licenses.
  • Design and Implementation of a common technology platform: SharePoint
  • Transforming CFTC's public portal into an integrated and scalable platform leveraging complex data processes, protocols and technology.