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Your business is fast moving and adaptable - why should you settle for Business Intelligence (BI) software that is slow and inflexible? Most organizations face three main challenges when it comes to implementing a BI solution: staying within budget, quickly responding to the needs of the business, and efficiently maintaining the solution going forward. GoTech Global's BI solutions empower everyone in your organization with efficient, scalable and easily deployable business intelligence tools in order to accomplish these goals.

"Regardless of the type of data they are based on, business decisions are only as good as the underlying data quality. The most impressive dashboard is worthless if people don’t have confidence in the underlying information."


For over a decade GoTech has been helping organizations create customized BI solutions to improve their business. Technologies have evolved, and GoTech has remained on the cutting edge of creating and using advanced Business Intelligence solutions.

GoTech enables enterprises to build BI applications by providing capabilities in three categories: analysis, such as online analytical processing (OLAP); information delivery, such as reports and dashboards; and platform integration, such as BI metadata management and a development environment.

We integrate analytical and reporting capabilities into your software applications and business processes, to make business-critical data accessible without switching between systems.

BI Services

GoTech Global's Business Intelligence (BI) Practice guides enterprises on how to gain 360-degree visibility into their data and extract the right information to make smart decisions. We focus on providing implementation and consulting services for the Data Visualization and Enterprise Business Intelligence sector.

Business Intelligence consulting strategy is no longer a buzz word and we frequently come across organizations where attempts to incorporate BI strategy have already been made. Unfortunately, these organizations still face difficulties when it comes to finding the right accurate information at the right time.

Multiple tools, competing internal data movement and analytics, separate departmental BI strategies, disconnected data and disengaged IT stakeholders are all resulting in one thing: A struggle for decision-makers to get access to data that can intuitively be used for well informed fact-based decision making.

GoTech Global’s data analytics services solve that.

Data Analysis

GoTech Global employs OLAP analysis, data mining and machine learning algorithms to analyze historical and real-time data from disparate sources, reveal hidden patterns and define trends and forecasts.

Data Visualization

We implement Data Visualization solutions that integrate and transform structured and unstructured data into charts, diagrams, dashboards, scorecards, KPI's and spreadsheets with interactive drill-down visual exploration and self-service data preparation options.

Case Study
Amtrak Project Portfolio Business Intelligence
Amtrak's Project Management Office, which supports the 20,000 employees of the national railway, wanted to make better strategic decisions about its portfolio of projects. In addition, the new CIO wanted to see real time metrics and have the ability to drill down and see the underlying facts surrounding any underperforming projects. The new solution had to provide the flexibility, advanced tools, and ease of use to enable its broad application by Business Managers and Executives. It had to provide a single, centralized “one version of the truth” to enable Business Users to focus on decision-making, not on reconciling data. GoTech implemented a dual path project plan. One Team completed the migration and upgrading of the existing SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010 to the newest version. The other Team completed the restructuring of Amtrak’s project and financial data making it uniform throughout all projects. In the next phase, GoTech built the Dashboards, KPI’s, Scorecards and Reports utilizing PerformancePoint which is out-of-the-box with SharePoint. Amtrak Business Users can now access portfolio and project business intelligence without having to rely on the IT department to run queries and build reports. The CIO can now make actionable decisions based upon metrics that are real time, reliable and accurate. READ MORE
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