Records & Information
Management Practice
In today’s complex enterprise environment, a comprehensive records and information management program with processes that are consistent, repeatable, and auditable is a crucial component to the overall success of any organization. The Records and Information Management Practice of GoTech Global understands this and offers a multidisciplinary approach to the governance and management of organizational records.
GoTech Global's Strategic Records Information Management Methodology
Our services include:

GoTech Global's Records and Information Management Practice has extensive product knowledge, developmental experience and past performance building large enterprise Digital Electronic Records Systems

  • Records management needs assessment and GAP analysis

  • Records management policy and procedures development

  • Legal hold policy development and implementation

  • Development of retention and destruction policies and procedures

  • Implementation of imaging and document management systems

  • Analysis and best practice advice regarding e-mail management

  • Creation of training and communication plans and procedures

  • Evaluation of enterprise content and hierarchical storage management systems
Case Study
U.S. Commodity Futures Trade Commission
Business Process Management Solution
One of GoTech Global’s latest projects for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) included architecting and leading three Teams to build an external partner portal in the Cloud that interfaced with their internal environment and over 4,000 global financial institutions. As part of an ongoing effort to maintain and modernize its IT environment CFTC decided to automate several paper based manual processes with automated Business Process software solutions. All of these manual processes involved public commodity and future market participants filling out paper forms monthly, quarterly and annually. After the forms were filled out, a large contingent of Federal employees would manually type the information into 1 or more of the 8 different disparate data systems that CFTC utilizes. None of these systems shared data and CFTC had no way to measure performance metrics. CFTC evaluated several third party consulting companies, before ultimately selecting GoTech Global to lead the project.
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Best Practices Guide: Records Management for the Digital Era

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